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Frame Jigsaw Sudoku

Here is another Frame Sudoku Sums puzzle, this time in Jigsaw Sudoku format!

So, two distinct sudoku variants merged into one puzzle. Hard to find anywhere else but here, folks! :)

Let’s quickly recap the rules: the numbers outside of the grid tell you the sum of the 3 numbers closest to it. In a way this is similar to Outside Sudoku, but here you must process the sums of 3 numbers (always 3!), hence it is more a sudoku killer variant. The rest of the rules are standard rules of Irregular Sudoku Jigsaw.

I tried not to make it too difficult this time… it’s only rated COOL. What do you think? Easier? More difficult? Just right? And would you prefer them more difficult than this?

Sum Frame Jigsaw Sudoku – difficulty COOL

Click on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle.

PDF Version of this puzzle: Frame Jigsaw Sudoku Sums PDF COOL.

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Non Consecutive and Consecutive Sudoku

Here is another multi sudoku puzzle, although this one consists of just two overlapping sub puzzles with very similar rules.

Top puzzle is non consecutive sudoku. Again, as many times before, I warn you: it looks like just vanilla sudoku, but you must follow an additional rule: two consecutive numbers cannot be placed orthogonally next to each other.
The bottom puzzle is consecutive sudoku. Here, the cells with consecutive numbers are connected with a horizontal or vertical bar. If there is no bar – the two cells must not contain consecutive numbers (just like in non-cons sudoku).

Got it? :)

What do you make of these? Would you like to see them in a sudoku book? :)

Consecutive and Non Consecutive Sudoku Mix – DIFFICULTY BRAIN

Click on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle.

PDF Version of this puzzle: Free Consecutive and Non Consecutive Sudoku Mix puzzle PDF..

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Discounted puzzle books in UK

I was just checking my Amazon UK page and realized that some of my puzzle books are discounted by about 20%! This is totally controlled by Amazon and not myself, so I’m only letting you know about this. So… now is the time to buy the following books:

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Word Search

Number puzzles (sudoku, kakuro, calcudoku and others) and logic puzzles (picross, for example) is what I’ve focusing on since 2005. I’ve never created any puzzles with words.

Well, that’s about to change! I’m ready to present you with my first ever Word Search puzzle (aka Word Find, Word Sleuth, Word Seek or Mystery Word)! This is my newest addition. I have, as you know, created number search puzzles before and published a book of number searches.

I’m sure any puzzle lover has encountered Word Sleuth puzzles before, but just to make things clear: you are provided with a grid of seemingly random letters, with a word list below the grid. Your objective is to find those words in the grid! The words can be laid out in any of the four directions: horizontal, vertical, left diagonal, right diagonal, but they can also be spelled backwards, so there are, effectively, 8 ways a word can be hidden in the grid! Each word appears only once in the grid.

And to make things more interesting… when you complete the grid and find all words, some of the letters will not belong to any of the words you found! Those remaining letters form another word, which represents the solution of the puzzle!

This first word search puzzle I’m posting has the name of all kinds of Dog breeds hidden inside; also, the solution of the puzzle reveals another dog breed!

Word Search Puzzles – DIFFICULT!

Click on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle.

PDF Version of this puzzle: Free Printable Word Search puzzle PDF..

Please let me know what you think of these and how do you like this particular one! Thanks!

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Loco Sudoku

Are you ready for this!? :)

After my first Multi Sudoku, here is another one… this time I labeled it “Loco Sudoku”, because, really, it is MAD! :)

Just as in the first Multi puzzle I posted, this is a Sudoku Samurai variation, where each constituent overlapping sub puzzle has different rules. This time they are extra special:

It doesn’t get much more crazy than this, folks! Gattai-5 sudoku multi variation puzzle!

Again… determining the difficulty of these puzzles is tricky. You need various skills to solve them. I labeled it IQ again, but it really isn’t too hard. Hopefully. :)

I really think this is the next big thing in the Sudoku world. What do you think?

Multi Loco Sudoku Samurai – difficulty IQ

Click on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle.

PDF Version of this puzzle: Multi Loco Sudoku Samurai Printable PDF difficult..

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Lateral Thinking

I just came across this brainy joke and thought why not share it with you. It’s a nice example of lateral thinking. :)

Three logicians walk into a bar. The bartender asks “Do all of you want a drink?”

The first logician says “I don’t know.”
The second logician says “I don’t know.”
The third logician says “Yes!”

Get it? :)

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Multi Sudoku

Ladies and gentlemen! :)

I am really pleased to present you with a unique puzzle. Perhaps you might think this is nothing special, but for me it is, it was not so easy to make this!

It’s my first ever MULTI SUDOKU (SAMURAI)! It is sometimes also referred to as “Loco Sudoku” and it sure is “loco”, i.e. CRAZY! Do you have other suggestions for the name?

It is, essentially a Samurai Sudoku puzzle. However, all 5 sub-puzzles are different sudoku variants with different rules! In this particular one, it goes like this:

Get it? :)

UPDATE: The solution has been updated. :)

The puzzle is rated IQ but it’s not all that hard… I think. :) Hint: Don’t start with the Hyper or the Non-cons!

Multi Sudoku Samurai – difficulty IQ

Click on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle.

PDF Version of this puzzle: Multi Sudoku Samurai Printable PDF difficult..

Oh, and don’t be confused… each sub-puzzle cannot be solved independently! If you try that, you will get multiple solutions! However, the whole puzzle does have a unique solution! So you must work on the puzzle as a whole. Read the Samurai Sudoku rules first!

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