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Zero Killer Sudoku book

Here is another unique book for the season! Zero Killer Sudoku puzzles are probably the most difficult sudoku variant and it has been 5 years since I published volume 1, which by the way, had a great reception, so it is definitely time for a new collection of the hardest killer sudoku puzzles.

So, only Zero Killer sudokus, nothing else in this book. Mostly the usual zero killers, but some puzzles are a novelty and a surprise. I’ll give you a hint: in the final 5 puzzles, you will still play on a 9×9 grid, but you will not use the rule of 45!

Anyway… here is the book… enjoy! :)

Oh, yes… there are a few puzzles labeled INSANE in this book!!!

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Killer Sudoku Compendium

In case you are not reading my newsletter, I’d like to let you know that I’ve published two new Killer Sudoku books.

First up is volume 2 of the Killer Sudoku Compendium. Volume 1 had the best reviews ever and one reviewer even said that it was “Quite simply the best puzzle book I’ve ever owned!”.

Well, this volume is even better! It contains more killer sudoku variants than any other book I’ve published. Some of the variants you will find in this book are:

  • Killer Sudoku 0 to 8
  • Zero Killer sudoku
  • Killer Sudoku 0 to 9
  • Diagonal Killer X
  • Killer Sudoku with +, -, * and /
  • Frame Killer Sudoku
  • Killer Samurai
  • Flower Killer Sudoku
  • Butterfly Killer Sudoku
  • Twin Zero Killer Sudoku
  • Odd/Even Zero Killer Sudoku
  • Non-consecutive Killer Sudoku
  • Hyper Killer Sudoku
  • Clueless Killer Sudoku!

The puzzles are of all difficulty levels, from EASY to INSANE, so there is something for everybody. So, if you think you’ve become well versed at solving normal Killer Sudokus, your next step is this book!

What do you think!?

Oh, and the other book I just released is volume 2 of the Zero Killer series, but more about that in a few days.

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Super Samurai Sudoku book 2

I hinted this one yesterday and here is the full announcement.

Remember the Super Samurai Sudoku book? It received only positive reviews – 6/7 reviews on Amazon have been 5/5 stars. Well, here is volume 2 of the series!

Super Samurai are also known as Sumo Sudoku. 13 overlapping grids put together in 1 puzzle, that’s 4 normal Sudoku Samurai puzzles in 1! So, the 65 Super Samurais in this book are the equivalent of more than 250 Samurai Sudoku puzzles! Or, almost 1000 classic Sudoku grids!

Are you ready for this massive challenge?

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Multi Sudoku book (Loco Sudoku)

Here we go, folks… it’s getting very busy, the best puzzle books are coming and you won’t be disappointed, I promise! :)

This time I’m really happy to announce that the first ever book containing Loco Sudoku or Multi Sudoku puzzles has been released!

The puzzles are in the Samurai Sudoku format, however, they are nothing like your regular Samurais… instead, they are totally CRAZY!!! Each constituent sub-puzzle follows different rules. Again: yes, there are 5 overlapping sudoku puzzles; no, they do not follow the same rules! I’ve prepared numerous combinations of 5 different sudoku variants. Altogether, there are 81 puzzles in this book, so it’s like having more than 400 sudoku variants!!

The constituent puzzles can be any 5 of the following ten:

So, what are you waiting for? :) Oh… perhaps for volume 2 of the Super Samurai Sudoku? It’s coming tomorrow!

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Outside Sudoku and Frame Sudoku

Yesterday I sent out a newsletter announcing two new sudoku books I just published. In case you missed it, here it is again.

First book is a new volume of Outside Sudoku and its variants! Yes, 4 years after volume 1, I’ve decided to publish another one. The content is more or less the same, with the addition of Outside Twodoku.

And the second book is kind of similar. It is also a “compendium” of Frame Sudoku puzzles and variants thereof. Frame Sudokus are similar to Outside because the clues are outside of the grid. However, each clue represents the sum of the three nearest numbers (and the rule of 45 applies), so it resembles Killer Sudoku a little bit. Finally, the way you combine and intersect the horizontal and vertical clues is similar to how you solve Kakuro. So, all in all, it’s a hybrid puzzle and I hope you’ll enjoy the book.

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Sudoku Large Print

In case you didn’t know, a couple of weeks ago I sent out a newsletter containing a (rather long) list of all new sudoku books and other puzzle books that I will publish this Fall, before Christmas. You can view the newsletter here, however, you should also make sure to subscribe for my newsletters to make sure you keep up with the latest announcements.

Anyway… first up is a volume 2 of the Large Print Sudoku book! It’s a book with classic sudoku puzzles printed in very big font, 55pt, so it is very easy to read the numbers. You certainly don’t need a magnifier to read and solve this book!

This Sudoku in large font book is already available on Amazon:

So, it’s a great gift for people who use glasses to read, making it much easier to solve the puzzles they like!

Oh, in case you missed it, volume 1 of this book is here:

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Amazon UK discounts

Amazon UK policy on discounts is a bit of a mystery, unlike Amazon.com who offer a flat 10% on most books I publish. So, it is worth checking my Amazon UK page for the latest discounts. Sometimes I check the page myself and this is what I found: some of the books are discounted in the UK by more than 20%, so now is the time to get them!

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