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The big book of Trigons is now 14% off!


I just noticed on Amazon that my new book with Trigons puzzles is 14% off! So, you save $3.40 when you buy it! I don’t know how long this sale will last, it is not under my control. Amazon sometimes offers such promotions out of the blue. So, if you like Trigons puzzles, now is […]

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Three new very special titles!


In case you missed out on the newsletter I sent a few days ago, here is an update on the three new titles I released for Summer 2016. First up is a new Trigons book, this time with 300 puzzles! You asked for it, so go get it now 🙂 All sorts of new designs […]

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Two new Sudoku books


Two new books with nothing but sudoku puzzles have been published. First is a book of hard sudoku puzzles. Tweet And the other one is a books with relatively easy sudoku puzzles. Tweet More books are coming soon, so stay tuned for updates!

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Zero Trigons


Hi folks, it’s been a while! What can I say? I’ll try to be more regular with new puzzle updates, but I can’t promise anything. New puzzle books are coming soon, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, here is a new Trigons puzzle. And it’s first of its kind – it’s a zero trigons! This means that […]

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New discounts of sudoku and word search books


Amazon is now running a promotion on several of my books. Discount code is not necessary. The massive book of Jigsaw Sudoku is now discounted 10%, saving you $2.50! Tweet Also, Large Print Word Search book, with 250 Word Search puzzles is down 8%, saving you $1.34! Tweet Two Number Searches books are also discounted, […]

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Save $5 when you buy The book of Number Searches!


Amazon is now offering 20% off my book with 1000 Number Searches, so you save precisely 5 dollars! Don’t miss out on this opportunity, I do not know how long this discount will last! Tweet

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Two Word Search Books


To wrap up the season, I’ve published two books with Word Searches (aka Word Sleuth or Word Find) puzzles. One is for Adults. It is printed in LARGE FONT and it contains 250 Word Search puzzles, each with at least 30 up to 80 words or phrases. Thousands and thousand of words to find! All […]

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