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The Book of Number Searches


After two books with 1000 puzzles, one with Jigsaw Sudoku and one with Kakuro puzzles, here is another release with 1000 puzzles – this time, you get a thousand Number Searches in one book! The puzzles are printed in LARGE FONT, so surely you won’t need a magnifying glass to read them. Lots of numbers […]

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1000 Kakuro Puzzles


As you may have noticed, a couple of weeks ago I published The Massive Jigsaw Sudoku book. Well, this book comes in a similar format but it contains KAKURO puzzles! 1000 Kakuro puzzles in three levels of difficulty. All solutions included. Top quality puzzles on top quality paper. Kakuro grids drawn so that they are […]

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New releases


At this time of the year I simply must announce a few books together. Without much ado, here are the new volumes of my most popular series of sudoku books: Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet

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Jigsaw Sudoku Book 1000 puzzles!


After six volumes of Jigsaw Sudoku books, I’ve decided to publish a new book with the twisted, irregularly shaped Sudoku Jigsaw puzzles. The difference this time is that this book contains 1000 puzzles! Contents: 1000 Jigsaw 9×9 Sudoku (squiggly, irregulary shaped) puzzles 5 levels of difficulty all solutions all solving techniques explained with examples! If […]

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Nurikabe book


I’m so much behind the schedule and I just don’t know which book to announce first. This one is very special so here it goes. My first ever Nurikabe book! I’ve been creating them for years, but never published a single one in a book. So, to rectify that, here is a book full of […]

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Consecutive Sudoku Compendium


This one goes a little bit ahead of the schedule, because right now it is DISCOUNTED BY ALMOST 20% on Amazon, so if you want to get it, do it SOON! 🙂 Ok, so… the book is Consecutive Sudoku Compendium. It is full of Consecutive Sudoku puzzles and variants thereof. This is the first volume […]

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Large Print Sudoku book


Here is a new volume of my Large Print Sudoku book series. Just like previous two volumes, all puzzles in this book are printed in a large, 50pt font, so the numbers are very easy to read and you surely won’t need magnifying glass. One puzzle per page. 150 sudoku puzzles, PLUS, of course, some […]

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