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Sudoku Samurai puzzles and variants thereof, including Killer Samurai Sudoku, Jigsaw Samurai Sudoku and others.

Three new very special titles!


In case you missed out on the newsletter I sent a few days ago, here is an update on the three new titles I released for Summer 2016. First up is a new Trigons book, this time with 300 puzzles! You asked for it, so go get it now 🙂 All sorts of new designs […]

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New discounts of sudoku and word search books


Amazon is now running a promotion on several of my books. Discount code is not necessary. The massive book of Jigsaw Sudoku is now discounted 10%, saving you $2.50! Tweet Also, Large Print Word Search book, with 250 Word Search puzzles is down 8%, saving you $1.34! Tweet Two Number Searches books are also discounted, […]

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New releases


At this time of the year I simply must announce a few books together. Without much ado, here are the new volumes of my most popular series of sudoku books: Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet

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Consecutive Sudoku Compendium


This one goes a little bit ahead of the schedule, because right now it is DISCOUNTED BY ALMOST 20% on Amazon, so if you want to get it, do it SOON! 🙂 Ok, so… the book is Consecutive Sudoku Compendium. It is full of Consecutive Sudoku puzzles and variants thereof. This is the first volume […]

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Easy Samurai Sudoku book

Most of my Samurai Sudoku books have contained either puzzles of all levels or slightly more difficult puzzles than what you are normally used to find in a puzzle book. So, to rectify that, this time I am publishing a book of Easy Sudoku Samurais. Now, of course, bear in mind that my “easy” level […]

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Loco Sudoku book


The summer is almost over and the season for new puzzle books is slowly knocking on the door. First book to be published this season is a book of Loco Sudoku puzzles! I’ve already published one book of loco sudoku, but under the name of multi sudoku. Loco sudoku or multi sudoku puzzles are overlapping […]

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Sudoku Harakiri book


You may have noticed the covers of some new sudoku books which I’ve published in the last couple of weeks. I haven’t announced them yet, but one I cannot miss. It’s a first of its kind – a Sudoku Harakiri book! Tweet After two volume of Super Samurai, I’ve decided to change it a bit […]

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