Sudoku Variations

I’ve created numerous variations of Sudoku puzzles. Here is a list of some of them.

View a more comprehensive list on the Sudoku Variants page. And then you can find even more of them in the Sample Puzzles category. You can also see my Sudoku Variations books.

Diagonal Sudoku diagonal-sudoku-x-20121210-difficulty-BRAIN-sudoku_variants
Jigsaw Sudoku 20070715_s2_THINKER_u26_either_c24_86
Flower Sudoku 20060412_2_5_15_15_2492_1
Outside Sudoku 20100104_3_BRAIN_u47_0_0_91_0_0_0_0_15_37__either_c40_s_0_178
Non Consecutive Sudoku non-consecutive-sudoku-variants-20121210-difficutly-BRAIN
Sudoku Samurai 20060829_s4_IQ_c109_650_01
Sudoku Straights ss20090121_3_BRAIN_u67_0_0_25_0_0_0_0_58_5__special_boxbreaks_c14_q26__s_0_836
Tridoku tr20100212_2_THINKER_u4_0_0_10_0_0_0_0_0_0__justspecial_either_c37__0_402
Killer Samurai Sudoku 20060420_5_21_21_3802_hard_48
Killer Sudoku 20070421_INSANE_2308329_c29_0_135
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One Comment

  1. Tina
    Posted January 12, 2014 at 8:25 pm | Permalink

    I wish you a healthy and happy New year!

    Waited till christmas vaccation to solve this special book! Always love and enjoy your variation-books! They are the very best!!!
    But I have a request now:
    Sudoku Variations book, First Edition June 2013. Hyper Windoku-puzzles 47. and 48. Pages 37 and 38. The grey shaded cells are missing!!! I’m not a great fan from Facebook, therefore I don’t know, if there was a comment/discussion before?!

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