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Kindle Games

As of 2011, I’ve been designing puzzle applications for Amazon Kindle™ devices. Please send all Kindle application related questions to kindle@djape.net These are the ones published so far… more coming soon! (hopefully) Active Content Sudoku and other puzzle games for Amazon Kindle Kindle Games on Amazon Games on Kindle Flower Sudoku and Outside Sudoku for […]

The Way of Samurai Sudoku, vol. 2: Very challenging puzzles

I’ve published 6 books with Sudoku Samurai puzzles and the one with most reviews is volume 2 of The Way of Samurai Series. Just as a reminder, this book contains 25 Jigsaw Samurai Sudokus, in addition to 80 regular Samurai puzzles. Interestingly enough, all 7 reviews of this book are 5/5 stars! The Way Of […]
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Samurai Sudoku: Brilliant training for the brain and good for relaxation (new review on Amazon)

Here is a new review of The Way of Samurai: 101 puzzles on Amazon.com. It’s a 5/5 stars. 🙂 Concerning the training of the brain it was 4 years ago stated in the Danish engineering news that research had found that Sudoku is the best training for the brain. Later there has come another “game” […]
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Discounted books on Amazon

Three of my books are currently discounted on Amazon by about $1 each. It’s not much, but in today’s economy every $ counts. Here are some reviews of them. 5/5 stars Great fun!, January 29, 2008 By Victoria (Northern Virginia, USA) This is a fun book! The puzzles are a bit harder than those in […]
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FREE Presentational booklet of puzzles by DJAPE

A promotional PDF by Djape. Please forward this to your local newspaper and ask them to change from classic Sudoku to something new.
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Puzzle books

A list of puzzle books by Djape, including sudoku books, picross books, calcudoku books, hidoku books, killer sudoku, samurai sudoku, kakuro and other sudoku variants books. Are you running a brick and mortar bookstore? You may order my books for your bookstore directly from me with excellent discounts (55%). Send an inquiry to: orders@djape.net New […]


Click here to get the solutions to the Samurai Sudoku from The Washington Post. Solution for the Samurai Sudoku published in The Washington Post last Sunday(solutions are posted on Tuesdays)(click to download) Tweet If you like my puzzles, please support this website by clicking on this “Like” button. Thank you! 🙂 Solution for the previous […] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...
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