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Perfect Sudoku in Switzerland

On Christmas day, Sunday, December 25 2005, the magazine called “Le Matin Dimanche” from Switzerland will publish a few of our puzzles and also run a short story about our site and puzzles that we create. It is likely that in the new year our puzzles will feature in more Swiss magazines and possibly in […]
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Washington Express Samurai number 2

This is just a short reminder that another Samurai puzzle, generated by Perfect Sudoku software, is published in today’s Washington Express newspaper. You can read more about our other releases here
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Perfect Books in bookshops!

It is with great pleasure that I announce that two books with Perfect Sudoku puzzles have been printed and will reach bookshops very soon. I have hinted this before but it’s now official. Both books will be available in bookshops in Portugal only, thanks to Via Optima publishing house from Portugal. They will appear there […]
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As promised, I implemented the Swordfish classic Sudoku solving technique in my Perfect Sudoku software and generated a few puzzles. I just posted one of them on the Daily Sudoku page. However, I ran my generator and generated a couple of thousands Killer Sudokus and NONE of them required Swordfish, just as I speculated before. […]
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Changes in difficulty level

I must let you know that I’ve been working on improving the part of my software that determines the difficulty of a puzzle. Therefore, for the puzzle that I will post in a few moments, if you try to open it in “Perfect Sudoku” software, you will get a different rating from what’s indicated in […]
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New poll

I’m closing the Mobile phone poll. I’ve been so busy with other things so I’m not sure when will I get my head around implementing Perfect Sudoku for mobiles. Here are the results: Anyhow, here is the new poll – choose your preferred level of difficulty for our Killer puzzles. It will affect which puzzles […]
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Download Perfect Sudoku Solver & Generator

From this page you will always be able to download the latest release of Perfect Sudoku. The current version is Perfect Sudoku v0.4 Two most important things about this version: 1. This version is absolutely FREE! No annoying “about” dialogs and “please register” reminders. This of course means you can freely use the software for […] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...
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