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The Way of Samurai Sudoku, volume 6

Next up in my seasonal release of new volumes of puzzle books, is volume 6 of the most successful series of Samurai Sudoku books – The Way of Samurai. I’ve listened to your comments and reviews and decided to remove all puzzles labeled “EASY” from this new volume! So, we start with COOL difficulty and […]
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CalcuDoku for Kids for Kindle

Remember the puzzle book “CalcuDoku for Kids” that I published recently? Well, this exact same book is now also available as a Kindle game! Let your child play and learn using this interactive puzzle game for Kindle devices. It teaches your kid lateral thinking, patience, arithmetic and logic. There are 200 puzzles in this collection. […]
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Puzzle books on Amazon UK

I have great news for folks in the United Kingdom. FINALLY: All of my puzzle books are now fully available on the British Amazon website! Even better: those sudoku (et al.) books that were already available on Amazon UK are now much cheaper than they used to be! Important: All these books will very soon […]
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CalcuDoku For Kids

After all those Kindle apps that I’ve published recently, it’s time for A NEW BOOK! Yes, that’s right, a new paperback book, which is also first of its kind: the puzzles in this book are designed for children. CalcuDoku for Kids consists of 200 CalcuDoku (aka square wisdom, mathdoku and other names) puzzles, split into […]
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The Way of Samurai Sudoku, vol. 2: Very challenging puzzles

I’ve published 6 books with Sudoku Samurai puzzles and the one with most reviews is volume 2 of The Way of Samurai Series. Just as a reminder, this book contains 25 Jigsaw Samurai Sudokus, in addition to 80 regular Samurai puzzles. Interestingly enough, all 7 reviews of this book are 5/5 stars! The Way Of […]
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My puzzle books are available on Amazon UK

I noticed in the last month or so that my sudoku and other puzzle books are now available more regularly on Amazon.co.uk and other international websites. Many of you who come from the UK have asked about the books not always being available there, so now it seems like it’s been sorted out. Hopefully. It’s […]
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Why do I make puzzles? A brief history of Djape.net

A short answer to that question would be: because I enjoy doing it! … but here is a long version, too. Back in the summer of 2005 I realized that it’s about time I had my own website. At that point I had been computer programming for years and it kinda made sense that I […] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...
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