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Sudoku Variants book

Here is a book with more Sudoku Variants than any other book I’ve ever seen!!! There are 75 sudoku variations altogether, two puzzles of each kind, making 150 very special puzzles. But wait… there is also an extra bonus Clueless Sudoku puzzle at the end! So… here is the book: Tweet Sudoku Variants included in […]
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Samurai Sudoku Compendium

For those of you who haven’t signed up for my newsletter (why haven’t you), I’d like to let you know that I’ve started a new series of books with Samurai Sudoku puzzles. So… this is a Samurai Compendium… it means it contains all sorts of sudoku variations that I make, all in Samurai Gattai-5 format […]
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Sudoku Straights – a hybrid between Poker and Sudoku – puzzle game for Kindle

During the summer I’ve prepared more Kindle games for you. First up is Sudoku Straights – Poker Sudoku – a game for Amazon Kindle, new Kindle, Kindle Touch etc This collection of puzzles was previously released as a paperback book, but now it is also available on all e-ink Kindle devices. It’s a fully featured […]
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Kindle Games

As of 2011, I’ve been designing puzzle applications for Amazon Kindle™ devices. Please send all Kindle application related questions to kindle@djape.net These are the ones published so far… more coming soon! (hopefully) Active Content Sudoku and other puzzle games for Amazon Kindle Kindle Games on Amazon Games on Kindle Flower Sudoku and Outside Sudoku for […]

Prices on some of my books – SLASHED!

Some of my books are being heavily discounted at the moment. Before I introduce them to you once more, let me kindly ask you again to review my books on Amazon if you buy them. If you have already bought them, you can still do that. It means A LOT to me! My first Kakuro […]
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Outside Sudoku Straights (difficult!)

Here is a new variant of Outside Sudoku puzzles: Sudoku Straights. The rules of Outside Sudoku are explained here. The rules of Sudoku Straights are explained here. Now, all you need to do is combine them and apply them both. It’s a rather difficult puzzle (or so I think). What do you think? Outside Sudoku […]
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Discounted books on Amazon

I just noticed that many of my books have been discounted, so now is the time to get them! Revenge of Killer Sudoku vol. 1 goes for $8.95 The Way of Samurai vol. 1 goes for $9.95 Killer Samurai Sudoku vol. 1 for $9.95 My first Kakuro book for $8.95 Sudoku Straights also for $8.95 […] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...
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