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Consecutive Sudoku Compendium


This one goes a little bit ahead of the schedule, because right now it is DISCOUNTED BY ALMOST 20% on Amazon, so if you want to get it, do it SOON! 🙂 Ok, so… the book is Consecutive Sudoku Compendium. It is full of Consecutive Sudoku puzzles and variants thereof. This is the first volume […]

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Loco Sudoku book


The summer is almost over and the season for new puzzle books is slowly knocking on the door. First book to be published this season is a book of Loco Sudoku puzzles! I’ve already published one book of loco sudoku, but under the name of multi sudoku. Loco sudoku or multi sudoku puzzles are overlapping […]

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Cutting-Edge Sudoku is 44% OFF!


My book Cutting-Edge Sudoku is being discounted 44% on Amazon! If you are new to my puzzles this is the best opportunity to get introduced to some of the sudoku variants I create. The book includes the following variations of sudoku: Outside Sudoku Flower Sudoku and Consecutive Sudoku The book is now JUST $5.62 instead […]

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Difficult Kakuro book 2


Remember the Difficult Kakuro book, published last year? It is my third best-selling title this year (after Super Samurai Sudoku and Hanjie Griddlers Nonograms books). Anyway… here is volume 2 of the series! And again, it really is difficult, just as volume 1. It contains big puzzles, such as 18×18 and 15×20 in size (and […]

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Non Consecutive Sudoku Compendium volume 2


It’s very busy times, folks. The books are being released I’m trying to balance out new posts here on the website and the newsletter mail outs, while all the time trying not to overwhelm you with too much information. Anyhow… I’m already a few announcements behind, so I’ll try to catch up in the next […]

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Zero Killer Sudoku book


Here is another unique book for the season! Zero Killer Sudoku puzzles are probably the most difficult sudoku variant and it has been 5 years since I published volume 1, which by the way, had a great reception, so it is definitely time for a new collection of the hardest killer sudoku puzzles. So, only […]

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Killer Sudoku Compendium


In case you are not reading my newsletter, I’d like to let you know that I’ve published two new Killer Sudoku books. First up is volume 2 of the Killer Sudoku Compendium. Volume 1 had the best reviews ever and one reviewer even said that it was “Quite simply the best puzzle book I’ve ever […]

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