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Jigsaw Sudoku: Squiggly puzzles

A few hours ago another review came in. This time it’s for Jigsaw Sudoku: 150 very twisted puzzles. It’s another short review. Also 5/5 stars. This Jigsaw Sudoku book, containing nothing but the squiggly variant of sudoko puzzles, has 5 reviews so far. 4 of them are 5/5 stars, with just one being 3/5 stars. […]
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Jigsaw Sudoku: very twisted puzzles (active content game for Amazon™ Kindle™)

In this post I want to tell you a few unrelated things, so please bear with me until the end of the post. 1) Third interactive game for Kindle, after Samurai Sudoku for Kindle and Tridoku for Kindle has been published. Jigsaw Sudoku: very twisted puzzles (A Puzzle Game for Kindle)
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Jigsaw Sudoku, volume 3, 160 very twisted puzzles

I’ve prepared new volumes of my most popular books for the upcoming holiday season. So if you consider buying puzzle books as gifts, you’ve come to the right place, you know you can find them here. First up is a new volume of the Jigsaw Sudoku series of books. Jigsaw Sudoku, 160 very twisted puzzles, […]
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ZERO Killer Sudoku, Killer Samurai 3 and Jigsaw Sudoku 2 on Amazon

Here is a Christmas gift for you! Just in time for the holiday season, three new books have been published on Amazon: First ever Zero Killer Sudoku: 101 puzzles – Maximum Challenge Killer Samurai Sudoku vol. 3 Jigsaw Sudoku 160 very twisted puzzles volume 2 That’s right, I listened to your requests and have prepared […]
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3 new books: Classic Sudoku, Diagonal Sudoku and Jigsaw Sudoku!

After so many different Sudoku variations and other puzzle books, it is time to present you something more ordinary, but of the top quality. Three brand new books that are available on Amazon and Lulu NOW! Djape does Sudoku: 300 puzzles for advanced solvers Diagonal Sudoku: 200 puzzles with an X Jigsaw Sudoku: 150 very […]
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Sudoku Variants

Here are some of the sudoku variations I’ve created. You can also find them by browsing the Free Puzzles category. If you are on Facebook, please first click the “Like” button. You sharing my puzzles means a lot to me, because new visitors come and discover my puzzles. It also helps in keeping this website […] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...
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