Three new very special titles!

In case you missed out on the newsletter I sent a few days ago, here is an update on the three new titles I released for Summer 2016.

First up is a new Trigons book, this time with 300 puzzles! You asked for it, so go get it now 🙂 All sorts of new designs and layouts of the trianglons, mostly with 0 to 6, but some of them are of bigger and smaller dimensions, too!

The second book is a very special one – my first book with nothing but Clueless Sudoku puzzles! I’ve published a couple of them in other books, but this is a book of just sudoku puzzles which might leave you clueless – at first. 9+1 grids in each puzzle, so there are many numbers for you to solve!

And finally, another novelty, a book with more Samurai Sudoku puzzles than any other book I know. 500 Sudoku Samurai Gattai-5 puzzles in one book, just like those I publish in The Washington Post and The Washington Express! It’s great value for money, this book!

That’s it for this Summer folks. Have a great one and await new books in the Fall 2016!

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