Why another Sudoku solver?

First of all, Perfect Sudoku is not only a Sudoku solver. It is most importantly a generator of what I call perfect Sudoku puzzles. It can also be used as a playing program. What’s a perfect sudoku? A perfect sudoku has these properties: 1. It’s symmetrical; 2. It has one and only one solution; 3. If you remove any single field (and it’s symmetrical counterpart) which is set in the puzzle, you will get a puzzle with multiple solutions; 4. It can be created in different shapes and sizes: Classic Sudoku (3×3), small (2×2), large (4×4), huge (5×5) but also some weird looking ones, such as, believe it or not, 2×12! Some non-standard but fun Sudoku puzzles that can be created with Perfect Sudoku: 1. Non-symmetrical – usually more difficult than the symmetrical ones. 2. Diagonal Sudoku – now the two diagonals in your puzzle must also contain only one occurrence of each sign (digit or character) used; this makes the puzzles even harder! More about the features of the program coming soon…
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